Trip Statistics

The blogspot tool is great for most of the blog; but it totally sucks when it comes to incorporating tables.

Click here for our travel log that I hope you will be able to read

Our trip out to Chicago took just under 45 hours of car time. We averaged 52 MPH but had averaged over 60 until we hit the traffic in the Chicago area.

Going back we spent 37 1/2 hours of car time to travel 2,273 miles. We averaged 60 MPH. I was amazed it wasn’t higher because we were regularly between 75 and 80 in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Montana. I guess those hours of site seeing really bring it down. We felt like we were crawling when we hit Oregon with the 60 MPH limit.

We loved it! Thanks for reading.

I’m getting ready to re-energize my reading list portion of the blog, so stay tuned if you dare. I finished up my reading of myths and epic journeys. I think I’m going to focus on …. well, just stay tuned to the blog to find out. I think it will be fun.

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