January 23, 2011 Chicken Rosemary Stew

[NOTE: This post was edited February 17, 2016 to correct the title date and fix a formatting problem.]

This was on of my early recipes, coming from the old Food Network show How to Boil Water. It’s a very simple recipe with a big payoff in taste. It has 41 reviews with a 5 star rating showing its popularity. You can find the recipe here or my version here.  The treat of this recipe for me is the carrots, they cook in the chicken fat for a while and then stew for 40 minutes and come out so sweet and tender.

I first made it back in 2003 or 2004 when Carla’s parents Glenn and Tommie were coming over for Sunday dinner every week.  Glenn was very allergic to to celery, so I had to make it without. It was so nice to have them over to dinner; thinking about it makes me sad.

I’ll spare you the line up before the cook. Here the chicken thighs have been fried for about 8 minutes.

Next, in goes the carrots and celery to saute until tender; about 10 minutes (these are big chunks of vegetables)
We add the broth and the chicken goes back on top; be sure to keep the skin above the liquid
Serve over noodles

Yum. Easy and tasty.

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