Memorial Day Celebration 2011

Hey! I got pictures of people this time; not just food.

Everything was prepped and people started to show up. We had a few no shows, but the stalwarts were there: Carla’s sisters Starr and Linda; Starr’s husband Jim, youngest Megan (just finished her first year at Willamette  and her boyfriend David (who just graduated from Willamette and is headed to law school); and Linda’s youngest, Kevin.

The butts had been FTC’d. For you laymen, that’s wrapped in Foil which is then wrapped in Towels which is then placed in a Cooler. Out they came for the pullin’

That shoulder blade pulled out so cleanly!
The brined butt is on the left; the injected butt is on the right. The injected butt was the clear winner. Read yesterday’s post for details on that process.
Buffet style: David and Megan dishing it up (Jim in the background).
Starr’s turn.
At the dinner table

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