Pulled Pork for Paul

My nephew Paul was hosting a bachelor party on Friday July 22 and needed to provide dinner. I was sooo touched that he wanted to work with me to cook up some pulled pork. Best compliment of my cooking ever.

 told him to pick up a couple of pork butts and come on over. He made up some barbecue sauce earlier in the week. The plan was to cook them overnight Thursday and have them ready for the faux cambro Friday morning to be pulled in the afternoon. I figured if we were firing up the grill anyway, I might as well cook one as well. Three pork shoulders; most I’ve ever done at one time.

I mixed up some Chris Lily rub

We injected with some Chris Lily injection (apple juice, water, brown sugar, salt, lemon juice, worcestershire sauce). Then we slapped them on the MAK

 Here’s Paul

That water pan really sucks up the heat. After a couple of hours I took out the pan and moved the butts to the bottom rack.

I had to go to work Friday morning so I didn’t get “after” pictures.

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