Cedar Plank Salmon

Today was a beautiful fall day so Carla and I thought we ought to try cooking some fish on the grill. A few cedar shakes blew off the roof so it was the perfect time to try cedar plank salmon. I had grocery shopping duty this week and got to go into the new New Season’s market. The fish there is fantastic and I got a nice fillet. There were some planks there and they looked a little bigger than the shakes that blew down so I thought I’d splurge.

We soaked the plank for about an hour; I think 2 hours is more the norm. The shakes from the roof were plenty wet, I could have saved time if I used them. We rubbed the fillets with EVOO, salt, and pepper.

Had to cut up the fillet to get it to fit on the plank

On the the Mak at 400* It would cook 20 minutes before I checked again.

On the grill at 400 for 20 minutes
Monitoring the temperature of the grill from inside.

After 20 minutes the little piece was ready but the 2 big hunks needed about 5 more minutes to get to 125

Almost ready
Carla made a salad with a homemade Siriracha dressing

Dinner is served. Our DIL-to be introduced us to chutney as an accompaniment for salmon. We had mango chutney tonight.

Notice the chutney. We learned this from Henriët

Great dinner; easy and delicious. This will go on the regular rotation.

Rating: ★★★★  4 Stars

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