Here is another easy, tasty, and healthy dish.

Events collide; we are trying to eat healthier and I bought a new food processor because I fell out of love with my old Kitchen Aid. Last summer I made lemon sorbet, mixing the liquid and sugar in my supposedly 12 cup Kitchen Aid. It may hold that much dry stuff, but the center post is very low and I had sugary, sticky lemon juice oozing over the everything. My new Cuisinart has a higher center post so should work much better. But that will be a summer post.

Hmmm, what can I make in a food processor that could be considered healthy? Aha! Hummus. We have an old recipe scribbled down that I used – I don’t know where it came from but we’ve used it for years. I transcribed the recipe here. This is super easy – less than 20 minutes from start to finish – and better than most store bought stuff. I was so intent on playing working with my new toy tool I didn’t take many pictures. And since I made it for snacking I don’t have a nice plating picture.

Not too many ingredients. I thought I’d make a double batch – hence the two cans and two lemons.

Hummus ingredients.
Hummus ingredients.

Pulse two cloves of peeled garlic in a food processor to chop. Then add a can of drained garbanzo beans and a bit of salt and process until the beans are chopped up. You’ll probably have a big clump of bean paste at this point but don’t worry, things will thin out.

Add three Tablespoons of tahini paste and process until combined. Then, with the food processor running, add the liquids: olive oil, water, lemon juice. The mixture will become creamy. Finally scrape down the sides of the bowl, add cumin and hot sauce and pulse to combine.

Hummus - ready for snacking
Hummus – ready for snacking

For a fancy serving, place in a wide shallow bowl, put a small indentation in the top, and sprinkle some paprika over the top then drizzle some olive oil. If you want a bit more color, top with a few chopped leaves of flat leaf parsley. Next time I make this I’ll try to remember to take a picture of a nicely platted dip.

You have a tasty dip that is great with pita bread, pita chips, or carrot sticks. Let people dig in.

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