Tofu and Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce

This is the third time I’ve made this bean curd and mushrooms in oyster sauce; my earlier cooks (once in February 2016 and once in June 2020) were good. Since then I’ve learned more about cooking tofu and how to better stir fry. So when the kids came over for Sunday dinner I used a slightly different method than I did before. Let’s get into it. The first step is to dry the tofu, then cut it into ½-inch cubes – more or less, this isn’t science.

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Bean Curd with Mushrooms and Oyster Sauce

Date Cooked: June 18, 2020 Bean Curd?! Yech! Don’t worry, it’s just tofu. We loved the baked crispy tofu I made a couple of weeks ago so we thought we’d try something similar. I made this dish back in 2016 and it rated 4 stars so, it’s definitely worth trying again. My sister-in-law Linda used… Continue reading Bean Curd with Mushrooms and Oyster Sauce