Mushroom Risotto in the Pressure Cooker

We were having company over for dinner last weekend; Carla and I thought, let’s make something easy yet tasty in the pressure cooker. We looked at each other and said “Mushroom Risotto!”  I cooked this and blogged about it in January 2016; just goes to show you: this is great comfort food for cold winter days.  Winter is still hanging on here in Portland – in fact we are getting hammered with snow as I write this.

We had our taste bud set for this then I looked at the recipe. Yeah – it’s a pressure cooker recipe but it isn’t a dump-and-cook pressure cooker recipe. Cooking takes about 45 minutes and the pressure cooking takes up only about 10 minutes of that – counting the time to pressurize the pot. Not to worry; I got everything prepped and was able to visit with our guests as I sautéed  and stirred and added stuff.   I used this recipe from Serious Eats – a great web site.

The prep doesn’t have to be this laborious – I just took my time and decided to take some pictures along the way. First I got everything out

20170218    Mushroom Risotto FE 24 70mm F4 ZA OSS HWT00056

20170218    Mushroom Risotto FE 24 70mm F4 ZA OSS HWT00056Then I portioned it all out so it would be super simple to put together while visiting (oops – the quart of chicken stock was playing hooky when I took the picture)

20170218    Mushroom Risotto FE 24 70mm F4 ZA OSS HWT00063

This recipe calls for a pound and a half of fresh mushrooms – trimmed and sliced. That’s a lot of mushrooms – will it fit? Take a look at the first three photos in the sequence below to view how the mushrooms cook down. The Serious Eats recipe says it takes eight minutes to drive the liquid off and brown them. Um, no – it took about 15 minutes. But the transformation is amazing.

20170218    Mushroom Risotto FE 24 70mm F4 ZA OSS HWT00084 Edit

The last photo in the sequence is after the pressure cooking is complete and the cream and cheese have been stirred in.

Dinner was served

20170218 Mushroom Risotto FE 24-70mm F4 ZA OSS HWT00101My camera has a touch screen; sometimes when I put the view finder up to my eye, my nose touches the screen on the upper left hand side and moves the focus point. I think that happened here. That salad is really sharp. Here is a little clearer picture of the risotto by itself.

20170218 Mushroom Risotto FE 24-70mm F4 ZA OSS HWT00095

We had a nice time at dinner – as we always do with this group. We watched the Olympics (I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THE OLYMPICS THIS WINTER) while we ate some apple pie our guests brought.

RATING: ★★★★  Almost a full 5 stars. My copy of the recipe can be found here.

[Blogging Note. I’ve been trying out Mars Edit for my posts – as you can see here. I was not happy with the results here. For some reason it changed the fonts everywhere so when I made changes on the WordPress web site I ended up with a jumbled mess of fonts and font sizes. I had to go into the HTML editor and remove a bunch of <span style…> tags. Mars Edit may not be a great tool for me]

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