Grilled Burgers with Special Sauce

Prepared: July 11, 2018

Even though I’ve been working through my camera/lens testing we still need to eat. Hot summer night, let’s grill a couple of burgers – and let’s keep it simple by buying prepared patties. Pre-made patties at the market run the risk of being overworked – mixed in a blender – but our local New Seasons seems to have a light hand.

I’ve been planning on making  some “special sauce” the next I grilled burgers. I want it simple and fast. There are a ton of recipes out there. My go to is usually Serious Eats, but they wanted me to go buy a jar of dill pickles, slice four pieces and then chop that. No thanks – let’s use some jarred relish. I found a quick recipe on the Food Network site that fit the bill. I pulled it together while the grill heated


I cut the recipe in half.

20180711 Grilled Burgers With Special Sauce A7R01852-Edit

Whisk to combine

20180711 Grilled Burgers With Special Sauce A7R01853

I cooked the burgers while Carla prepped the rest of the condiments and cooked some corn on the cob.

Dinner is served.

20180711 Grilled Burgers With Special Sauce A7R01854

The sauce was good; but those fresh veggies really stole the show. We had tons of sauce left over – we’d better cook some burgers again this week.



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