Test Post from LR Mobile

Here is a picture from my workflow of importing photos from a camera SD card into LightRoom mobile; then exporting them to an SSD drive connected to my iPad.

Let’s see if I can get a picture posted from the SSD drive

The first step was to trim it. I can’t remember ever having to trim a Tri-Tip before but this had a thick fat cap on one side – similar to trimming a brisket. You can see some of the trimmings in the photo below.

Tri-Tip trimmed and ready for the rub.

My rub has salt, granulated garlic, onion powder, and three kinds of pepper: black, white, and cayenne. It is soooo good.

I started the grill and let the rub settle on the roast for 30 minutes before putting it on the grill.

Tri-Tip on the grill
Ready to flip and baste
Tri-Tip off the grill and ready to rest before slicing.
Dinner is served

My dad used to cook this for us back in teh day and it is one of my favorie things to grill. This one ws a bit tough. Because we’ve isolated ourselves due to the Coronoa virus we shopped at Fred Meyer using their remote app rather than going to the store. It’s the first time in ages – if ever – we’ve eaten meat from Fred Meyers. It’s just not a store we usually shop at. When I took the meat out of the tray the back side had a very thick fat cap on it – almost ike a brisket.

The Tri-Tip was medium instead of medium-rare. That was probably due to cooking it at a higher heat – 350° – which I chose because my notes from last July said to try cooking hotter.

Well, it looks like this method works. When we are finally able to go out again, it will be nice to be able to travel and blog from the road. The biggest problem I have at this point is I can’t import the feature image from the SSD drive.

I think I’ve solved this problem before – too bad I didn’t remember at first. In order to use an image from an external drive, it must first be loaded into the body of the blog post. At that point it is the library and can be set as the featured photo then remove the photo from the post body.

Not bad. I went through the entire process: import, edit, export, write, and post while sitting in my living room easy chair.

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