Canada by Rail – Banff, Alberta

Travel Dates: September 14-17, 2022

Our trip through Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper provided the most spectacular views of the trip. So buckle up for a couple of posts with a LOT of pictures.

On September 13 our Rocky Mountaineer trip ended in Banff, Alberta where we had a couple of days to see the sights. After breakfast on our first morning (September 14) we walked from our hotel to downtown where we shopped. I picked up a stocking cap because it was getting a bit chilly up in the mountains. [Truth in labelling: the pictures are mixed between our two and a half day stay there]

Street view; Banff, Alberta

In the afternoon we had a boat tour on Lake Minnwanka.

Jim, Terri, Carla and me at Lake Minnewanka outside of Banff, Alberta

While waiting for our boat tour to begin we walked along the shore; and sat down when the opportunity arose.

Lake Minnewanka outside of Banff, Alberta
Terri, Jim, and Carla enjoying the view of Lake Minnewanka

Here is a panorama of Lake Minnewanka from the boat

Panorama of Lake Minnewanka from the tour boat.
The Garlic Toast Incident

On the way back to town we asked our driver to take us to a nice Italian restaurant. The dining room wasn’t open yet but we got a table in the bar where we were served by the bartender. When it came time to order dinner I forgot to ask for garlic toast. So, as we talked among ourselves I kept an eye to the bartended who was busy serving drinks to people on the other end of the bar. When he moved down closer to us I got up (my dining companions may tell you I “jumped” up) and headed over to the bar to order that coveted garlic toast. As I made my way I stumbled over one of our backpacks. This all happened much faster than it takes to describe it. Terri was alarmed thinking something was seriously wrong with me – was I having a heart attack? No I just wanted to get that garlic toast with my dinner! After everyone calmed down everyone got a big laugh out of it.

The next morning – September 15 – we had the morning to see the sights before our ride up to Lake Louise so we headed back downtown for a walk along the Bow River. There are some beautiful viewpoints throughout the city but we especially loved the view from the pedestrian bridge over the river.

Nancy Pauw bridge over the Bow River – Banff, Alberta

Across the river is the Cascade of Time Garden surrounding the Banff National Park Administration Building. Even though the season was turning to Fall the grounds were close to their summer splendor.

Cascade of Time Garden, Banff, AB
Flowers in the Cascade of Time Garden. Banff, AB

We walked along the Bow River trail toward the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel.

View from the pedestrian bridge over the Bow River in Banff, AB
Bow River, Banff. The turquoise water is created by “Rock Flour”: minerals ground into fine dust by the glaciers

We looked at our watches and realized we had to hustle back to the hotel to gather our luggage and meet our ride to Lake Louise so we grabbed a bus back to town. More on the Lake Louise and Glaciers in the next post.

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