Comparing Flash Modifiers

Many years ago on a trip to Washington DC with our kids and my mom we walked by a vendor selling picture postcards. He called out over and over “Eight postcards for a dollar – ALL DIFFERENT!” It was one of those moments we all remember and often paraphrase that line today; for example, at a buffet “Eight side dishes – ALL DIFFERENT!”. Well this project required 120 pictures – ALL THE SAME. That’s right I took 120 pictures of exactly the same scene in order to find the best light modifier for my cooking pictures.

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Road Trip to Glacier Day 6: Going to the Sun Road Westbound

Glacier National Park entry gate before 6:00 AM when the ticketed entry was enforced. Having our pass, we could be a bit more leisurely. If you read my last post you know that we changed our plans; instead of spending two nights in East Glacier Park and heading home through Lolo Pass, fires required us to go back the way we came. So, we made reservations at The Finch in Whitefish, Montana – a little bit west of the western entry.

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Sony A6600 Photos added

I’ve added another page with a set of pictures from one of my cameras: my Sony A6600 which I purchased December 2019. You can find my 10 Sony A6600 favorites here; or select them from the menu over there on the left side of the page. Click on “Camera Samples” then click on the “Sony… Continue reading Sony A6600 Photos added