Carne Asada and Homemade Salsa

Over the past few summers, I seem to have picked up on skirt steak as my steak of choice for grilling. In 2018 I made spice-rubbed skirt steak a few times. Last summer I marinated skirt steak in various teriyaki sauces. This summer I have plans to make carne asada a few times in the search of a tasty Mexican dinner. Continue reading…

Tri-Tip and Pressure Cooker Cheesecake

Cook Dates: July 7 & 13, 2019 I’m going through my standard grilling and barbecue recipes to see how they work on my new Mak 2 Star pellet cooker. I’ve worked my way up to Santa Maria Tri-Tip; one of my favorite cuts of beef. We invited our friends, the McD’s, over so I wanted… Continue reading Tri-Tip and Pressure Cooker Cheesecake